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Creating your profile

It's really important to set up a great profile on Gigable. This is what businesses will look at before deciding if they should pick you for a gig.

Check out these tips for creating a great Gigable profile!

Profile Photo

Having a good profile photo is really important. Please ensure your profile photo clearly shows your face (and don't forget to smile!).

Display Name

Your display name is how businesses will identify you on the Gigable platform.

This can be your actual name, a nick name, or anything you like really!

Bio Section

Your Bio section tells businesses more about you! It's your chance to explain who you are, why you joined Gigable and why businesses should pick you for their gigs!


It's important to add the vehicles that you own to your profile.

For delivery gigs, you will often need to have a specific type of vehicle (for example a car or an e-bike).